Development Committee
Section 10.a. The Executive Committee of the Board will meet on call of the President of the Association. The committee shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Association between meetings of the Board, shall make recommendations to the Board on any matters affecting the Association, shall be responsible for annually reviewing and updating as appropriate the section of the Operations Manual applicable to the Executive Committee, and shall perform such other duties as the Board may assign to the Executive Committee.
b. Notice of all meetings of the Executive Committee and actions taken at these meetings shall be reported promptly to the entire membership of the Board. Actions of the Executive Committee shall be in conformity with these Bylaws and shall be subject to approval of the Board at its next meeting.

Fall 2015:
In August address lists were sent to me. I emailed every dean on the list. I added a personal email to the Louisiana deans suggesting that it was a cost effective professional development Opportunity.

Our committee examined other issues and ideas. We first had ideas for 501c3 entities. However, it appears that we are not a non-profit tax exempt organization. This might be a good idea because it opens us up to corporate sponsorship. We also had a possible vendor this year and created a list of costs that we could use if we do get sponsorship.

Finally, the address list needs to be in a data base and not on word documents. The committee is creating a packet with template letters and address database for future committees. It is suggested that state reps review the data base. Send out to state reps.

This is is the template I worked from. I resided it some but it gives a good idea. image.png

Spring 2015-MHB

COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP (if applicable): I am unsure where to get the list of committee members.

Chair: (name and institution) Michelle Haj-Broussard, McNeese State University

Members (names and institutions)


Seems institutional memberships have been done by this committee. However, need to get template letter and addresses. So need template and perhaps state director reports can put updated name of deans.

Need a list of perks for institutional memberships. Perhaps focus on nearby universities . They get memberships ...membership rate. What about free attendance 200(1free+ regular # members), 500 ( 2free plus), 800 ( 3 free plus )?

Will post a template of letter by May.

Here are the current perks for institutional membership:

The category, institutional member, was created to encourage involvement and to ensure the ongoing viability of MSERA. Two levels of membership exist. For an annual institutional membership contribution of $250 (Supporting Institutions member), institutional members receive:

For a minimum annual institutional membership contribution of at least $400 (Sustaining Institutions member), in addition to these benefits, one-year memberships will be provided for up to four individuals. These members enjoy all of the benefits of individual members, including copies of MSERA's publications and listing in the annual membership directory.

-local universities ( sponsor receptions)
-Lindsey Jackiel... On committee
-Nathan Roberts

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Charlie Notar, Chair Jacksonville State University

2014 report (Kathy will send email of report)