Executive Director

Section 7.a. The Executive Director shall be responsible for coordinating the work of the Association and serving as advisor in all activities of the Association.
b. The Executive Director shall provide liaison with other professional organizations and entities on behalf of the Association.
c. The Executive Director shall maintain a current compilation of the policies and procedures approved by the Board.
d. The Executive Director shall perform business and communication functions of the association as directed by the Board.
e. The Executive Director, who shall be bonded, shall keep account of and report all monies received on behalf of the Association and shall write all checks as authorized by the Board.
f. The Executive Director shall prepare and submit the books of the Association for an annual review to be conducted after the close of the business year on December 31 by an independent third party with appropriate financial expertise who will be recommended by the President and appointed by the MSERA Board at the Fall Board meeting. A certified statement attesting to the accuracy of the financial records for the preceding year will be presented to the Board of the Association at its first meeting of the calendar year.
g. The Executive Director shall be responsible for annually for annually reviewing and updating as appropriate the section of the Operations Manual applicable to the office of Executive Director.
h. The Executive Director shall be evaluated annually by the members of the MSERA Executive Committee and other officials as may be designated by the MSERA Board using procedures approved by the Board.

2011, 2012 Cliff Hofwolt, Executive Director, Vanderbilt University

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