Graduate Student Advisory

Committee Volunteers from 2012 conference:
Co-Chair: Suzanne Franco
Co-Chair: Lindsey Jakiel (Grad Student Rep)
Brian Davis
Angela Benson
Candace Weed
Mindy Crain-Dorough
Shannon Chiasson

Foundation will support 100$ of up to 15 presentations.
Top selected RIP sessions need to be chosen. (Award winners will be placed in RIP presentation sessions and others (non-award winning, but accepted) will be placed in a poster session.)

Program chair and graduate chair will contact winners.

Form (from Shannon) will be filled out by award winners and sent to MSERF (Gahan Bailey).

Someone will sign from the MSER Foundation will send letters to all award winners.

2011 Pam Broadston, Chair, Educational Consultant,

2011 Susan Ferguson, Co-chair, University of South Alabama,

2011 Shannon Chiasson, Co-chair, University of New Orleans,

2012 Susan Ferguson, Chair, University of South Alabama,