Kentucky Director

2015, 2016 Yuejin Xu, Murray State University,

2013, 2014 Jeanetta G. Riley, Murray State University
2011, 2012 Ronald Skidmore, Morehead State University,


2011, 2012 Ronald L. Skidmore
Mid-South Educational Research Association
Fall Board of Directors Meeting
November 1, 2011
Oxford, Mississippi
Kentucky Representative Report
Following the February 2011 meeting of the Board, and at the direction of the chair of the Development Committee, a listing of contact persons (Deans, department or program chairs, or designees thereof) for each post-secondary institution in Kentucky was constructed. This was submitted to the committee in early March, 2011. A digital copy of the 2011 meeting brochure, when it became available, was sent to these individuals, along with a message of introduction. Individuals on this list were also contacted via email in mid-October, reminding each of the 2012 meeting of MSERA to be held in Lexington, KY, and requesting / urging them to solicit participation from their respective faculty members and their students. {See Attached File}

A listing of Kentucky members of the association over the past five years (2007-2011) was compiled and refined from electronic files, and a review of archived membership directories. The individuals on this list received, via email in March 2011, a brochure regarding the 2011 meeting. In October, they were sent a reminder regarding the 2012 meeting in Lexington, KY, encouraging their preparation and participation. {See Attached File}

A more recent listing of Kentucky members of the association was compiled from the Researcher Membership Directories (2010-2011). These individuals will be contacted in the near future regarding new member recruitment and participation at the association meeting in 2012. {See Attached File}

Additional communication to individuals on each of these lists will be maintained in the coming year.
Respectfully submitted,

Ronald L. Skidmore, Ph.D.
Kentucky Representative to the MSERA Board of Directors
Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education
503 Ginger Hall
Morehead State University
Morehead, KY 40351
Office Phone: 606-783-2905

2013--2014 Jeanetta G. Riley, Murray State

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