Mississippi Director

2017 Kenneth V. Anthony, Mississippi State University, kva3@msstate.edu
I have uploaded the Spring Report below and the list of faculty and leadership for schools and colleges of education in MS.

Mississippi Director

2013 Rebecca Robichaux, Mississippi State University, rrr102@msstate.edu


1) I have compiled a list of the deans of Colleges/School of Education in Mississippi (see pdf of this report) who I will contact via email with the MSERA 2013 Call for Proposals and meeting brochure.

2) I have communicated in person and via email with graduate students in Mississippi regarding presenting their “work in progress” or their dissertation research at the MSERA 2013 meeting.

3) I will be sharing information regarding the upcoming meeting at AACTE in Orlando (Feb 27 – March 1) and will provide information to colleagues traveling to other conferences this semester.


1) Would it be beneficial to send information to all of the Community Colleges in Mississippi?

2) Will need electronic PDF of the Call for Proposals and/or Brochure with information on the upcoming meeting.

Submitted respectfully,

Rebecca Robichaux, Ph.D.
MSERA Mississippi Director

Mississippi Director

2011 Rose Jones, University of Southern Mississippi, ROSEBJONES@aol.com

2011 Mississippi Representative Spring
Report to the MSERA Board
November 1, 2011University of Mississippi


I have given information about our organization and the MSERA Conference 2011 to individuals who have contacted me by E-mail and face-to-face since the November 2010 conference.

I have continued to share information about MSERA and the 2011 MSERA 40th Anniversary Conference to individuals, organizations, and universities throughout the state.

Respectfully submitted,

Rose B. Jones, Ed.D., Mississippi Representative