Past President

Section 3. The Immediate Past President of the Association shall be an ex officio voting member of the Board of the Association and shall serve during the term of office of the successor as President.
Section 9.a. The Immediate Past President shall chair the MSERA nominating committee.
b. The Immediate Past President shall be responsible for annually reviewing and updating as appropriate the section of the Operations Manual applicable to the office of Immediate Past President.
Spring Board Meeting 2013 Pensacola Beach, FL

I regret that I can not be at the Spring Board meeting this year. I had surgery a couple weeks ago and do not feel ready to travel so far just yet. I am doing fine and hope the meeting is productive. I have posted my Nominations Committee report on the link for such. Please think of those you feel that will be willing to serve to consider to stand for election this fall.

Respectfully Submitted,
Julie A. Holmes
Past President, MSERA

2015 Fall Board Meeting

2015 Spring Board Meeting - Recap of 2014


2014 Fall Past-President Report:

Received nominations (volunteers) for Vice-President, Secretary, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Will put the Florida vote to the membership early and then will take nominations from the floor for any state but especially Florida, Alabama and Louisiana.

I did want to see how the state reps used their membership databases.

2014 Spring Past-President Report:

Discussion of accepted motions and processes to get them in place:

1) Did state reps get their databases? We need them to send out reminders and get state feedback before the next meeting.
2) I sent the publication committee the agreement with Tony et al. I sent what I believe was the latest version to president Campbell but just making sure.
3) constitutional amendment to allow president to appoint editorial boards for publication...need to wordsmith this for the fall there a way to get those on the PowerPoint for that presentation at the pre-conference board meeting.

Do we still need to work on that operations manual by following the implementation of motions. Do they go from board to committee and then the committee can immediately implement or does the process need to be included in the motion?

I need volunteers for the nominations committee. (Larry Daniels added)

Call for Nominations for 2015 Board of Directors and Officers
The Nominations Committee seeks nominations for the following leadership positions on the MSERA Board of Directors: Vice President/President Elect; Secretary; and Six (6) member State Directors. The Vice President/President Elect serves as Vice President during 2015 and as President for 2016, others elected serve on the MSERA Board for two year terms, commencing on January 1, 2015.
Nominations may be made by any active MSERA member with the written permission of the nominee and signatures of four other active members endorsing the nomination. Send nominations by mail, email, or fax by July 1, 2014 to

Michelle Haj-Broussard
McNeese State University

Linda Kondrick, Past PresidentArkansas Tech Universitylkondrick@atu.edu2011 Nominations Committee Fall Board Report.docx

Eddie Shaw University of South Alabama 2012