2016 Spring Past Program Chair ReportRebecca Robichaux-Davis

2015 Fall Program Chair ReportRebecca Robichaux-Davis

2015 Spring Program Chair Report
Rebecca Robichaux-Davis

2015 Spring Past Prog Chair Report
Mindy Crain-Dorough

2014 Fall Program Chair ReportMindy Crain-Dorough

2014Mindy Crain-DoroughApril 1 CallJuly 15th Deadline for proposalsJuly 31st Proposal will be finishedAugust 15th Accepted ProposalsAugust 31st Program Draft
September 15th Deadline to make changes in the program

2011 Michelle Haj-Broussard, Chair, McNeese State University, mbroussard@mcneese.edu

With a few duplications we had 300 submitted proposals.
The Accepted presentations included:
11 training/symposium sessions15 40th sessions/events23 Displays17 RIP sessions2 Mentor Sessions138 General Presentations (more were accepted but some presenters emailed and said they could not attend. This was the final count)___
206 total sessions

Need the list of no shows before I can create the abstracts for proceedings. Perhaps aa system should be put in place to make that list of no shows automatically sent to program chair.

2012 Kathy Campbell, Southeastern Louisiana University, ktcampbell@selu.edu

Program Reviews Committee Volunteers from 2012 Annual Meeting (for committee members that accept you will need to get Cliff to add them to the system. Also email for more contacts because you can't have them review abstracts from their state):
Erica Tanner etanner@uwa.edu
Erica King eking@uwa.edu

Kenneth Anthony kra3@msstate.edu (could be kva3 phone 662-610-3786)
Kymberrly Kelley kymkelley@yahoo.com

Brian Davis Bdavis702@aol.com
Roberta Fugett@mrtx.com

Gail Hughes dr.hughesgail@gmail.com
Deanna Mascle d.mascle@moreheadstate.edu

Kim Nettleton k.nettleton@moreheadstate.edu
Natalion Campbell (no contact info...perhaps check 2012 program)

Suzanne Franco (Co-chair Graduate Student Advisory, so she will need to review RIPs) suzanne.franco@wright.edu
Susan McLaughlin-Jones estudy2011@insightbb.com

Johan W. Van Der Jagt j.w.van-der-jagt@att.net

Jo Robertson arobertson@murraystate.edu

David Morse dmorse@ra.msstate.edu
Linda Morese lmorse@colled.msstate.edu
C. Jeffery Knighton jknighton@gordonstate.edu

Lindsey Jakiel lbkakiel@uno.edu (Grad Student Rep...so RIP...in fact I would just get the whole list of grad student committees and if any are also on this list send them RIP sessions)
Ronald Skidmore r.skidmore@moreheadstate.edu

Session Chair Volunteers from 2012 Annual Meeting:
Jwa K Kim jwa.kim@mtsu.edu
Kenneth Anthony kra3@msstate.edu (could be kva3 phone 662-610-3786)
Lindsey Jakiel lbkakiel@uno.edu
Franz Reneau fhreneau@famu.edu
Shannon Chiasson mschiass@uno.edu
Rebecca Robichaux rrr102@msstate.edu
Emily DeMoor Emily_DeMoor@georgetowncollege.edu
Ying Wang ywang@mvsu.edu
Shellie Hanna shanna@atu.edu
C. Jeffery Knighton jknighton@gordonstate.edu
Kim Nettleton k.nettleton@moreheadstate.edu
Bobby Franklin FRANKLIN@MC.EDU
Erica Tanner etanner@uwa.edu
Erica King eking@uwa.edu
Kymberrly Kelley kymkelley@yahoo.com

Brian Davis Bdavis702@aol.com

Sandra Riegle s.riegle@moreheadstate.edu
Peggy Connell phconnel@samford.edu

Program Chair 2012 report

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Program Chair - Fall 2012

Mindy Crain-Dorough
Program Chair - 2014 Meeting