Section 3. a.The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence for the Association, keep minutes and records for all regular and special meetings of the Association, keep minutes and records for all meetings of the Board, and supervise registration at the Association's Annual Meeting.
b. The Secretary shall prepare and distribute minutes to the Board Members for any regular and special meetings within six weeks after the conclusion of each meeting. Unless there is written notice from any Board Member within four weeks after the distribution of the minutes concerning errors in the minutes, these shall become the official record of the proceedings of the meeting upon approval by the Executive Committee of the Board.
c. The Secretary shall receive, record, and maintain membership applications for the current year and forward any dues received to the Executive Director to be deposited in the Association's financial account. The Secretary shall update the directory of members for the current year upon receipt of registration information from the Executive Director following hte MSERA Annual Meeting.
d. The Secretary shall maintain the membership roster for the current year and the previous year and shall provide such information to any authorized users upon request.
e. The Secretary shall transmit the official membership roster to the Historian upon the conclusion of the Association's business year.
f. The Secretary shall be responsible for annually reviewing and updating as appropriate the section of the Operations Manual applicable to the office of secretary.
Fall 2013 Meeting Pensacola

Mid-South Educational Research Association

2013 Fall Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
Hilton Gulf Front Hotel
Pensacola Beach, FL

Called to order at 2:10 pm (all reports)
Michelle Haj-Broussard, President
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Welcome everyone MSERA 2013 prez.docx

McNeese State University

Kathleen Campbell, President-elect
Southeastern Louisiana University

Review of Minutes
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2013 SpringBoardMin.doc.docx
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2013 SpBdMtgSignIn.docx
Shannon Chiasson, Secretary
University of New Orleans

Past President Comments
Julie Holmes
Louisiana Tech University

Executive Director’s Report
Cliff Hofwolt
Vanderbilt University
Lowest beginning balance in decades. $8000 was transferred from the foundation. Increase from last year in institutional memberships. Hope to recoup enough from the conference to pay for the conference.
Moved by Charlie Notar, that the incoming president Kathy Campbell and Randy Parker, Budget Advisory be signatories with the executive director Cliff Hofwolt for the MSERA account. Second by Mindy. Unanimous

Development Committee Report
Charlie Notar,Chair
On May 25th sent 223 invoices to all of the member states along with Georgia and Florida.

Jacksonville State University

Budget Advisory Committee Report
Randy Parker, Chair
Louisiana Tech University
We have met all of the conference minimums at this point

Constitution and Bylaws Report
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MSERA Constitution and Bylaws-2013 Proposed Revisions Approved by Board.doc
Harry Bowman, Chair
Council on Occupational Education
Add to section of 1.B the president will appoint editors to all publications…voted at last meeting, this will be presented to the full membership at the general membership meeting.

Historian/Operations Review Committee Report
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Fall 2013 Historian Report.docx
Jane Nell Luster, Chair
Set up a Dropbox account for the historical documents. 3 questions for board.
  1. 1. What do we want on the website to be publically available? Michelle – researcher, programs, operations manual, history of the past presidents
  2. 2. Whether it would be good for us to back up the past Wiki files to the Dropbox. Yes.
  3. 3. Should the backup of the website be a mirror site?
Dustin has a concern about the set up of the website at Mississippi State. Michelle charged the technology committee with checking on this and other options.
  1. 4. Operations of procedure for proposal / abstract submissions. – This needs to be corrected in the operations manual in order to be consistent. It will be changed to “proposal”. The proceedings are to be put on the website in the tense they are presented. Who is responsible for posting the proceedings to the website? Currently the president appoints the person to post the proceedings. We will leave it for now.
  2. 5. By December 20, 2013 the operations manual will be sent to the board for a vote.
  3. 6. Detail of procedure for the budget advisory committee. The Executive Director needs to be on the budgetary advisory committee.
  4. 7. Dissolve the ad hoc committee for the operations manual on December 31, 2013.
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Fall 2013 Operations Review Committee.docx
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2013-Operations Manual Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Appendices - for Board Review.doc
Louisiana State University HSC

Motion 1: Moved by Charlie Notar, Dustin second. Charlie amended the motion to include a five-year limit. Dustin suggested the “five-year” include dates. Charlie amended the amended for the publications committee.
Reappoint editorial team for a five-year period contingent on agreement drafted by the publications committee and approved by the board by the 2014 Spring Board meeting. Unanimous.
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fall 2013 MSERA motions 1.docx

Motion 2: Moved by Dustin, second by Kathy Campbell.
Harry – bylaws amendment would have to be made / revised. Cliff is this a affiliate association or does this expand the MSERA region to seven. Discussion – the intent of the motion is to invite FL to be a member of MSERA.
Harry – this would require a vote of the membership. Due to the confusion over the terminology we can table Charlie moves to table, Julie second, unanimous.
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Motion 3: Motion not needed. The membership database needs to be available to the state representatives. Operationally how can we get the membership information to the state representatives?
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msera-motion 3.docx


2013 Program Chair
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MSERA 2013 Program Chair Report.pdf

Franz Reneau, Chair
Presented his report. Salon C sessions have been relocated to White Sands room because they need Salon C to accommodate the luncheon.

2013 Local Arrangements
Larry Daniel
University of North Florida
Concerned with budget. We are on target to be within budget. University of North Florida is sponsoring the graduate student reception $1000. Consider MSERA applying for tax-exempt status for the member states.
10 minute break. Resume at 4:02.

Gahan Bailey
University of South Alabama

Evaluation Committee
Rose Jones, Co-Chair
University of Southern Mississippi

Dianne Richardson, Co-Chair
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Evaluation Report Template for 2012.docx
The report is on the Wiki. The biggest the complaint was the lack of internet connectivity.

Future Site
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Future sites report MSERA 2013.docx

Patrick Kariuki, Co-chair
Milligan College

Dianne Richardson, Co-chair


Distinguished Papers
Kathleen Campbell, President-elect
Southeastern Louisiana University
2 dissertation awards and one best paper

Distinguished Awards - Both reports will be presented
Michelle Haj-Broussard, President
McNeese State University


Lynn Howerton, Co-editor
Arkansas State University
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Researcher 2013 fall board report.docx

Mary Jane Bradley, Co-editor
Arkansas State University

Research in the Schools
Tony Onwuegbuzie, Co-editor
John Slate, Co-editor
Sam Houston University
Concern for this year is the low submission rate. We normally get 30 submissions and we have not reached half. The fall issue is a concern. The state of the electronic version. We have subscriptions that expect a printed copy.

Publications & Communications
Rob Kennedy – not attending
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Technology Committee
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Dustin Hebert
McNeese State University

Graduate Student Advisory
external image placeholder?w=200&h=50
Suzanne Franco
Wright State University

MSERA Mentors
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Research Mentors REport 2013.doc
Linda Morse – Usually have two mentor meetings. This year there is only one session. They have a dissertation survival kit to give away. They have Mississippi State mugs to give away.

Archives & Website
external image placeholder?w=200&h=50
David Morse – For the archives the question about how the Researcher In Schools should be archived. For sake of completeness is there something that the board or someone can do to help complete the 2011 proceedings. Dianne found the information and will forward it to Michelle.
The website is behind a year for reimbursements. David asked that we think of a new editor for the web page.

Mississippi State University

Harry Bowman
Council on Occupational Education – need financial support to underwrite $200 to support booth – moved by Gayle Hughes, second by Mindy. Unanimous.


Jasna Vuk, Chair
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Ron Skidmore
Morehead State University

MSER Foundation
Ava Pugh
University of Louisiana Monroe. Cliff has the report. The main activity was to support the RIP awards. Only 14 people received the $100 award.

Alabama Representative
Susan Martin – not here
University of South Alabama

Arkansas Representative
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Letter to Deans 2013.docx
external image placeholder?w=200&h=50
Copy of Arkansas College and University Database.xlsx
  • DetailsDownload17 KB
  • Sent emails to everyone. Focused on Early Childhood solicitations

Jasna Vuk,, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
– Created list of universities and deans and solicited memberships. Future actions - wants to know how many from Arkansas actually attend the conference.

Kentucky Representative
external image placeholder?w=200&h=50
Fall 2013 KY Director Report.doc
external image placeholder?w=200&h=50
Kentucky Revised Feb. 20 and April 8, 2013.xls

Jeanetta Riley
Murray State University

Louisiana Representative
external image placeholder?w=200&h=50

Dustin Hebert
McNeese State University
We will use LERA as a vehicle to help promote the Louisiana MSERA meeting.

Mississippi Representative
Rebecca Robichaux
Mississippi State University – their department has a requirement that PhD candidates have to present at a conference before they become ABD. They recruited graduate students for this conference.

Tennessee Representative
external image placeholder?w=200&h=50

Jwa Kim
Middle Tennessee State University
Sent emails to doctoral programs to apply for membership and submit papers. 15 presentations

SDE/LEA Representative
Paula Vanderford – not attending
Mississippi Department of Education

Graduate Student Representative
Lindsey Jakiel
University of New Orleans
Had a large number of research in progress submissions. The proposals were reviewed by Suzanne, a masters student and the Graduate Student Representative. Changed rubric for the RIP to determine the rank of papers. Included in the criteria to determine is this was an ongoing project or a completed paper.

At-Large Representatives
Roben Taylor, Jacksonville State University – not attending
Gail Hughes, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
external image placeholder?w=200&h=50
MSERA At Large Report Hughes.docx

Charles Notar, Jacksonville State University
Mindy Crain-Dorough, Southeastern Louisiana University
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At-Large IV Fall 2013 Board Meeting Report.doc

Nominations Report – Julie presented the nominations for the election. They have been published in the Researcher.


2014 Local Arrangements - Knoxville, TN
All in line.

2015 Local Arrangements - LA Proposals – 4 proposals – 3 from NOLA and 1 from Lafayette. The hotel in New Orleans was $189 before taxes.

Kathy Campbell moves to reject the recommendation of the committee, Lafayette location. Shannon Chiasson seconds. Discussion about the New Orleans or Lafayette. The vote was 6 for and 6 against so the motions ties. Fails.

Charlie Notar moves to accept Lafayette, Rebecca seconds, one abstention , motion passed.

Other Business
Gaylan Bailey presented the conference proposals for 2016 in Mobile Alabama and the Riverview Mobile. Alabama.
Charles Notar moves to accept 2016 site proposal of Riverview Mobile, Gayle seconded. Unanimous.


2011, 2012 Kathleen York, Secretary, University of Southern Mississippi,